Cool Vantage Jeans

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cool vantage jeans

Cool vantage jeans by Wrangler

Wrangler does not want to be behind on this new technology fashion trend and released on 2015 a control sweat technology that will help to keep you dry. This new technology will make that cooling feeling by pulling moisture to the outside of the denim.

This brand is always looking for innovations and is always reinventing its apparel; this is the result after many years of consumer research. When using this technology, the person can be working or maybe riding and the jeans will keep that person cool and comfortable.

Some people that have used them, said that their jeans are lasting more because the crotch area is now dry no matter all the bending, and that it is also a great fit with a great look. The technology is now present everywhere and now we have it in our own clothing!!

For Stephen Dull, vice president strategy and innovation at VF, there are different ways to make denim, “one of our first steps was to understand the needs of the consumers in each market. Then, we conducted a global scan of technologies and fabrics, selecting the most promising and tested them extensively, “ said Stephen Dull.

Grupo Denim, a famous maquiladora from Durango, Mexico, has also worked with Wrangler on this project, its president, Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, said that this type of jean will increase the sales specially in Mexico where the hot weather is so intense that there’s seems to be no cooling enough. Wrangler is one of our best customers, I’m so glad that they trusted us when developing these new styles. It is so inspiring to have an idea from them and then create the jean and see everybody’s’ face when the project is done”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

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