Tips to control your high heels

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Tips to control your high heels without losing glamour

It so frustrating for women to break an outfit because the shoes does not feel comfortable, they get tired or worst, their high heels hurt them.

We love to keep on saying what shoes to wear and when. Now it is the time to give you tips for your closet and maybe by doing this you will leave the flats for a while (even if we like them o much we die for our high heels, right)?

Keep on reading and find the harmony on your style first floor style.

Good bye to the pain

The main cause of feeling feet pain is because our heels do not have the correct support and move inside the shoe, especially if you walk so much or if they are too high. The solution will be to use high heels with an ankle strap (a string on the top), this way the heels will be adjusted and the feet will not move.

Welcome to firm land

If your weather seems to be speed al day, you will run 100 times thru the office or if you have a lot of dates that day and you want to be spectacular at all times, use a thicker heel that will give your ankle the support it needs. Thin stilettos concentrate the support on one point; a thicker heel instead will give more stability.


Literally!! Take your new shoes to an expert; a shoemaker can help you to relax the material in order to fit them better faster. Maybe they are too tightened and you just need a little help.

We’ve asked Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim,  his opinion about high heels for women, in the frame of the International Women’s Day: “Women are every family’s base, they are our most valuable treasure and I would like to thank every woman on my team that works every day real hard in order to support their families”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.