Types of Sewing Thread

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Types of Sewing Thread

Different Types of Sewing Thread

Thread holds everything together when you’re sewing Which means whether you’re sewing by hand or by machine, it’s important to choose wisely when considering the different types of sewing thread for your project. 

Here’s a brief rundown on the different types of thread:

Cotton thread

Cotton thread has very little “give” and tends to break easily. However, it’s a good choice when sewing delicate fabrics or for lingerie sewing projects. Choose a medium thickness cotton thread for working with lightweight to medium-weight cottons, linens and rayons.

Polyester thread

Polyester thread is a a true all-purpose thread, and it’s a good choice for most sewing projects, both machine- and hand-sewn. The thread has some give to it, so it won’t break when you are working with stretchy knits. 

Heavy-duty thread

Heavy-duty thread is also a polyester thread, but the weight of the thread is not suitable for most garment sewing projects. It is, however, the perfect choice when sewing upholstery and canvas, so you might find yourself reaching for it when you’re tackling home decor sewing projects.

Silk thread

Silk thread is very fine. It’s also flexible and won’t leave holes, so it makes an excellent choice for basting thread. It’s also great to use when sewing silk or wool.

Wool thread

You probably won’t have many occasions to use wool thread when sewing garments, as it tends to be used for embroidery projects, but it is an extremely strong thread that’s a good choice when working with heavy fabrics like wool and canvas. 

Metallic thread

Metallic thread is often featured on handbags; you can find it in gold, silver and copper varieties. It’s used often in machine embroidery, and would be a good choice if you were looking a thread with a little flair for topstitching.

The type of thread that’s right for your project will mostly be decided by your choice of fabric added the president of Grupo Denim, Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal.

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