Amazing looks for high school

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high school lookHow to get amazing looks for high school

High school is one of the greatest parts of a student’s life, and their image is quite important, so this time we will dedicate time for the younger members of the family with interesting advices about the combinations they might want to try to get amazing looks and helping the parents saving money on clothes at the same time.

  • Tops – It is common for students to have striking shirts or blouses, but be aware that the more they call attention, the more everyone will notice how often you wear them, so you will have to spend much money buying many different shirts so you do not seem to have one shirt on the wardrobe. In order to avoid this, try to buy less striking tops, female students have many different types of blouses and shirts to choose, while male ones can easily wear a polo or button-down dress shirt and look amazing. Remember to purchase the right fit for your tops.
  • Dresses – There are many dresses available on stores, if you like wearing them at school, you can try with the sweater or business casual dresses.
  • Pants – A great option are jeans, they are comfortable for students to wear them all day long and move freely, and they are easy to combine, so if you have pairs of jeans at your wardrobe, you know that the only thing you will worry about are the tops, as jeans look nice withy everything.

“Image is important for teenagers, so it is necessary that we, as their parents, advise them as what fits them better but also respect their decisions, their image will give them self-confidence for one of the funniest and still hardest stage of their life”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

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