Spot fake jeans easily

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How to spot fake jeans easily

Consumers who love jeans are always trying to find the best type, as they know the importance of quality, which cannot be replaced with price. Unfortunately, there are different types of jeans out in the market known as “fake” that can cheat the consumers. This time, we will show you some easy ways to recognize fake jeans in order to avoid paying for what you are not getting.

“It is important to always see where you are buying your jeans, the ones made of good quality will be quite resistant and you can have them with you for years; however, saving money buying jeans of less quality can seem like a good idea at the start but it is actually not a real saving as the quality will not be the same and you will have to end up buying new jeans in a few months”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

Jeans of some of the most prestigious brands have their counterfeiters; here are some useful advices to spot those fake jeans easily:

  1. Fabric – Fake jeans will be manufactured with a cheap fabric, so the feel of the jeans will be stiffer.
  2. Manufacture – You can easily identify fake jeans by looking at the details of the stitching; it is all on the quality of the work done to them.
  3. Loose threads – Original jeans will not have uneven stitches or loose threads.
  4. Pocketing – Look at the inside of the pockets, there is a fabric known as “pocketing” that should not have scraps or tint over them.

“There are subtle but yet significant details that can easily help you identify fake jeans from the original ones, looking at the quality of the stitches, the finishes and the fabric, and of course the price, you can easily know if you are getting and original pair of jeans”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

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