Stop living on one day

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Stop living on one day by following these tips

Have you ever feel that you’re living your life with enough money for just one day? Well, stop living on one day and don’t say good bye to money anymore.

It is not bad to live like that once in a while, the problem is when we get use to it and we live expending our money like there’s no future. The tragic about this, is that, we might have our closet full of clothes but we don’t have any money in our pockets!! And then after time goes by, we realize that your money box is empty and then you start to worry and think that you should have done things in a different way. If you have experienced that awakening already, here are some steps for you to start changing this bad habit.

  • Do not adopt this as a life style. – Living like this go far away from a life style; in fact, we could say it is an extreme sport. First of all, it generates a lot of stress, we don’t need that. Second, we will not be prepared for any unexpected event.
  • That thing you never do.- All the money we make must have a destiny, it is not gone because of coincidence, and all those clothes in your closet do not appear by an act of magic; therefore, open up your bank statements and plan your next expenses.
  • Experience. – Having control of our money help we to visualize how are you distributing it. Start by making adjustments on you opportunity areas and the biggest advice is to save it!

For Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, a successful businessman, to create another way of earning money is a perfect economy solution. “It might sounds to work harder, and actually it is, don’t we deserve to run that last yard to start saving in order to enjoy a prosperous life in the end?” said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

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