Oxford shoes, not only for men

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 oxford shoesOxford shoes, how to make them look girly

If you are a fan of low shoes and specially fan of those men’s style like loafers and oxford shoes, you may have asked someone how to make them look girly.

The simple option is to combine them with a skirt instead of a jean; it doesn’t matter if the weather is cold because you could add tights. By using a skirt your legs instantly look stylish and shoes look delicate.

Another option is wearing colored clothes and girly cuts that will enhance your body. Our favorite option is to have fun when choosing the shoes, there are male classic oxfords in black and brown color with the traditional characteristics, but there are other options for everyone’s pocket. You can choose a silver platform or with flowers, these are really fresh and girly.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, said that as per as the history, the oxford shoes trend back in the nineteenth century with so much popularity. “Oxford shoes and denim jeans are similar, the original idea has been reinvented over the years and now oxfords still on trending, women are always looking for more freedom in terms of design, they will always have variety of choices, and not just talking about men’s shoes but everything, they can also wear a men’s suit and still be elegant. I have also seen oxfords design in leather booties, fresh colors, etc. For me, women are specialists and the power to revive all kind of styles even the oldest ones. I have seen the changes on the denim jeans more closely because that’s what our company produce and it is amazing all the changes this clothe has been through since those years where they were created as a uniforms for the mine workers”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.


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