Making jeans wider

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jeans widerMaking your jeans wider

Have you ever felt your jeans are tighter than when you bought them? These can be by many reasons, but one of them is when you treat them with heat, such as washing them on hot water or drying them too much, as that makes denim to tend to shrink, and we will show you some useful advices that can make those jeans wider.

“Jeans can shrink or get wider depending on the treatment we give them, so it is very important to follow the wash and care instructions indicated on the labels within the jeans so they preserve their natural shape for a longer time”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

If you have a pair of jeans that are too tight but you do not want to get rid of, follow these steps to make them wider:

  1. Wash your jeans with cold water, once you have finish laundering them, pull gently at the sides of the jean, be careful not to pull to hard or you can damage the fabric. Denim tends to stretch slightly, so this will help you making them wider.
  2. If you also need your jeans longer, ask for help to pull them at the top and bottom.
  3. Do not dry your jeans as the heat will make them shrink back, so let them dry outdoors.
  4. When you stretch out your jeans, make sure to have somebody help you, as you would not want to have one side wider than the other or your jeans can have an odd appearance.

“Jeans can be modified in order to meet the needs of their owners, and with the right treatment, a pair of jeans can last for years, many people invests on these garments as this means considerable savings on clothes”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

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