Recycle your jeans in an apron

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Reccycle your jeans in an apron

Recycle your jeans to make your own apron 

We all know how many different things you can do with a pair of old jeans, but today we will show you how to make your own apron,  this is a great way to recycle and old garment and help to preserve the planet by getting a cute accessory for you. 

“Recycling old garments is a great way to take care of the environment, and save money too, denim is a great fabric that lasts for years and by turning it into a different item can give it a longer life”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim. 

There are 2 methods to make aprons with an old pair of jeans, sewn and non-sewn, and here it’s what you have to do:

For non-sewn aprons: 

  1. Cut your old pair of jeans 1” below the line of the pocket.
  2. Then cut the right at the zipper of the jeans all the way to the side seam. Repeat the process with the other side and remember to cut along the side seams of the pants.
  3. Place your new apron around the waist; the pockets of your jeans will be at the front and the button at the back for you to button your apron.

For sewn aprons:

  1. Open the side seams of the legs with a ripper also cut the hem at the ankle of your pants for it to turn into the top of your apron.
  2. Make an inward curve with the scissors by keeping the legs folded in half.
  3. Pin bias tapes at the edges of your apron, this will embellish it. Stitch them and take out the pins.
  4. The pockets will be at the back, so cut them out and place them at the front on your apron.
  5. You can add extra embellishments to your apron to look even better, such as ribbons, ruffles or buttons.

“Recycling denim is a great opportunity to make new creations at home by testing your abilities”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.


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