Take advantages of your denim vest

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take advantage of your denim vest

How to take advantage of your denim vest

Denim is a very fashionable fabric, used on many different garments nowadays, but today we will focus on one that complements our outfits in a chic way, a “must-have” not only for this season but for the entire year: a denim vest, which is available on the stores with an endless amount of types, shades and finishes. If you like denim vests but you are not as sure as to how to combine them, keep on reading as this article is for you.

“Denim vest is essential on a wardrobe, as it can be combined in a very easy way, it is great for colder days and can be the perfect garment for persons looking for a double denim style”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this garment.

If you have a denim vest, or you are thinking about buying one, here are some suggestions as to how to combine it:

  • With a floral dress – This is an excellent combination that girls love, use this outfit for a date, this is a very feminine option and your footwear will determine your style, for example, when you wear sandals, you will get a chic style and if you wear booties, your style will be a cowgirl one.
  • With a white dress – Another excellent combination is a white lace dress with a denim vest, it will be very flattering; wear your favorite heels with it.
  • With skirts – If you have a skirt in your closet, wear it with a white shirt and put on your denim vest, the contrast of this combination will give you an amazing look.
  • For a double or triple denim look – A denim vest is a great option for a double or triple denim look, so combine it with your favorite denim shorts, skirts or jeans.

“Denim vests are available in many different styles and colors for everyone to choice the best one that will adjust to the rest of the clothes on his or her closet”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

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