Men with denim jacket

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men with denim jacket

Outfits for men with a denim jacket

This is a season to pull out your denim jackets from the closet, if you have one or you are thinking about getting one, you will be interested on this article.

“A denim jacket is a good complement for a men’s outfit, it is a trendy garment that has become very popular and it is very easy to combine with many different pants and for various looks”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

Here are some outfits for men that can try with a denim jacket:

  • Casual – If you want a relaxed and casual look, wear your denim jacket over a white tee, you can complete your look with black skinny jeans and brown boots.
  • Layering – This type of outfits is not a trend, so use it in your favor, wear your denim jacket over a black shirt and a leather jacket above, you will look very trendy.
  • Double denim – This style is more popular each day, so combine your denim jacket with your favorite jeans, and remember to choose two different shades of blue for your outfit.
  • For the office – If you want a mix of a casual and a more sophisticated look, try with dress pants, a t-shirt and tie, a vest and your denim jacket above. The combination is amazing.
  • For winter – You can also combine your denim jacket with a white long sleeve t-shirt and a sweater, you will protect your body from the cold and will look fashionable at the same time

There are many different types of denim jackets; you can choose that one that will fit in your style, such as a jacket with destruction, faded or with patches.

“A denim jacket can easily adapt to many styles, and can be worn all year long as it perfectly adapts to any weather, it is very helpful to transform any outfit, so it is important to have one at the closet”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.