Denim and sweaters for winter

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 Denim and sweaters for winter

Combining sweaters and denim this winter

Sweaters are great to protect us from the cold weather this winter, but to be warm you do not have to quite to the style, so this time we will propose and interesting way to combine your sweaters with the denim garments you have in your closet.

“Denim is present in all seasons as this fabric perfectly adapts to any weather, it is easy to combine and very comfortable to wear, so you can always add a denim garment to your outfit no matter the season”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

If you love to wear denim in winter, combine it with your favorite sweater, here are some suggestions:

  • Knitted sweater – Great to combine with your favorite jeans and long brown boots. If the weather is too cold, add a coat over your sweater.
  • Grey sweater – Grey tone combines with everything, wear it with a black skirt and long black boots.
  • White sweater – Combine it with your skinny jeans and ankle boots. You can add an extra-large scarf to get a very chic look.
  • Black sweater – If you want a monochromatic style, combine your black sweater with a pair of skinny jeans on the same color.
  • XL sweater – This is a great sweater for those days that are not too cold. Wear it over a white blouse and combine it with raw denim jeans.
  • Loose sweater – A wool loose sweater will look great with black leatherette jeans. They also look great with a denim skirt, but remember to wear long boots so your legs are protected from the cold.

“Jeans adapt to any other textiles and colors, for that, it is essential to have a pair in the closet as you can wear them all year long”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal about this topic.