Tulle denim skirts

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tulle denim skirts

Combining your tulle denim skirts

Tulle denim skirts are revolutionizing the fashion world in a fresh and youthful way that girls love. If you want to know different ways to add this garment into your closet, keep on reading this article.

“Denim is constantly evolving, so designers are always looking for new ways to present this fabric and add offer new alternatives for people who love wearing it and for those who have never tried it on”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

Tulle denim skirts are perfect for those girls who want to try with denim in very different ways, as both tulle and denim were a great combination in the past, with beautiful tulle skirts combined with a denim shirt, but now both fabrics were combined in one garment that can be worn from a casual look to a more elegant for going out at night.

There are plenty of different types of tulle denim skirts such as long, medium and mini-skirts with medium and low rise, with a neutral color at a tulle combined with a light blue denim or a black tulle with darker shades of blue, all you have to do is choose the skirt that will go best with your body and your whole style.

One of the advantages about wearing a denim tulle skirt is that, as with every other denim garments, you can easily combine them with many different footwear and tops, as this fabric adapts to any textile and color.

You will look incredible if you try with a double denim style by combining your tulle denim skirt with a shirt made of the same material, or you can add a blouse that matches with the color of the tulle. If you want to keep it formal, add a blazer to your outfit and do not forget your high heels.

“Denim is constantly reinventing itself with new styles to prove that it still has much more to show”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.