Outfits with off-shoulder tops

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Outfits with off-shoulder tops

Outfits with off-shoulder tops that you must try in spring

Spring is almost here, and we want you to be ready for it, so in this article we will show you some incredible outfits you can create with off-shoulder tops to look amazing and feel fresh.

“Spring is a perfect season to play with colors and different styles, and for that, it is important that you keep denim garments in your closet, as they combine with everything”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

Here are some outfits with off-shoulders that you will want to try this spring:

  • White off-shoulders are representative of spring, as white is one of the trendy colors for the season, combine this garment with patterned pants.
  • If you want to look very trendy, combine y our off-shoulder tops with a skirt, you will look sexy and feel fresh.
  • For a vintage look, get a pair of jeans that represent this style and combine it with your off-shoulders, do not forget the accessories as those will make the difference. You can complement your outfit with platforms or sandals.
  • Combining your off-shoulder tops with a pair of jeans is one of the combinations that you must try. If you want a formal look, tuck your blouse on a pair of flare jeans. If you want to get a relaxed look, combine it with your skinny jeans and leave it out of your jeans.
  • Off-shoulders are also perfect to combine with a denim overall.
  • Off-shoulders also look perfect with a pair of high rise denim shorts for a very youthful look.

“You can combine your denim garments with any tops and at any seasons, as most of them as part of the trends and timeless garments that have become part of the basics”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.